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Socyle offering mobile application development that enable clients to experience the benefits of mobility such as instant availability, real time integration based services, user friendly features, picture supporting facilities, videos, sounds, and many others. Socyle Enterprise mobility solutions can change the way your employees work on the go, automate your processes and boost productivity.

Application maintenance

IEEE defines Software Maintenance as “the process of modifying a software system or component after delivery to correct faults, improve performances or other attributes, or adapt to a changed environment.”

Socyle application maintenance services help you get the best out of your existing IT applications . We make Perspective maintenance by refactoring software.We make Adaptive maintenance by making minor modifications according to business changes , Technologies changes ,personal changes and application migration & re-engineering services.


Your brand identity and messaging impacts your customers’ view of your organization and its value proposition. It distinguishes you and identifies you as unique to your potential customers. Our creative team will design a compelling and memorable look and feel for your brand for both online and offline use. We will help you strengthen your brand identity by working with you on logo design, color palettes, font styles and messaging. The design team will create a professional corporate identity package that helps your organization stand out from the crowd

System Integrations

Integrating multiple IT systems that cater to different functions, departments and stages in product lifecycles.Our steps to integrate , First Analysis what we have from the client and validate the source provided by the cliend . Second Define required scope and functionality to be documented in design blueprint . Third Implement the engineered technical design is converted into the live interface . Fourth optimize and release the new system integrated capabilities

Web development

Developing an effective website or business application requires careful thought and planning. Socyle has many years experience in information architecture and instructional design. We can save you time and money by getting it right at the planning and design stage. Our creative web team can provide you web innovative solutions and applications based on long experiences in that field. We knew the secrets of the equation Quality, Time and Technology which is the most guaranteed output in our team as we deal with quality professionally we care about performance, modern user experience design, secured coding and using most recent technologies/tools.